Официальный распространитель и сервис центр кондиционеров и тепловых насосов Panasonic в Латвии с 1998 года! Салон в Риге, на улице Страупес 3. Телефон +371 67310 975 RIKON   ANNO 1991

Контроллеры ECO i, ECOg, PACi



Panasonic increase efficiency by 28% and increase the comfort

Easy to use, attractive, clear design, with new demand control functions and energy consumption display! This useful feature makes this remote control unique!
The new CZ-RTC3 wired remote control is ideal for integration into the most demanding interior architectures.
The touch panel  features a very sleek and easy to use display, which with its compact display is only 120mm x 120mm x 16mm.

Display of information
The information is mainly based on pictograms to ensure easy understanding.
The minimal amount of text is available in 4 languages (English / German / French / Spanish / Italian).
The screen is back lit to enable reading even during the night.
Easy Access to the menus
With the new pictograms, the navigation, the selection and the settings are simple and easy to follow.

Key Functions
  • Easy setup of the timer and settings of the indoor unit
  • Energy consumption display (only available with PACi units with the reference ending with A)
  • Limitation of the energy consumption (Demand control) by timer
New Econavi Sensor
The all new Econavi Sensor detects presence in the room, and quietly adapts the PACi or VRF air conditioning system in order to improve comfort and maximise energy savings.
  • Detects human activity and adjusts temperature by 2 degrees (up or down) to optimize comfort and efficiency
  • If there is no activity detected for a set time, the Econavi will stop the unit or move to a new temperature previously set
  • The Econavi device is installed independently of the indoor unit, and is located in the area best suited for detection
Saving Energy for Offices: if the air conditioning is left on after the last employee leaves the office, Econavi will automatically react, reducing or stopping the system.
Increased comfort in hotel rooms: when presence is detected in the room, the temperature is automatically adjusted to achieve best comfort.

Econavi function
  • Analyses room activity: Human activities and human heat
  • Modifies the capacity to adapt in real-time to the needs of the room
Key points
· Compatible with Cassette, Wall Mounted, Hide Away and Ceiling · Sensor · Improves efficiency · Better Comfort · Can be installed in the best place of the room for detection purposes.
Available in October 2014.
Human activity and presence detection
Activity detection
Cooling Set Temp. +/-0°C
Heating Set Temp. -1°C

Cooling Set Temp. +1°C
Heating Set Temp. +/-0 °C
Each 2 min
Presence detection
After 20 mins absence: Cooling Set Temp. +2°C / Heating Set Temp. -2°C
After 3 hours absence: Cooling Thermo OFF / Heating Thermo OFF
After 3 hours set up can be change to stop or temp shift
Sensor location image

1. Detection area 6m / 2. Approx 1m / 3. 1,8m Dead Zone / 4. Human detection area (2,5m height angle 30°)

Panasonic has developed an innovative line up of remote controls specially designed for applications

Nº1 for hotel applications. All in one!
More easier to install, cheaper to integrate one only control to integrate all devices
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective installation as all electrical cable are centralized on this remote
  • Architect inspired attractive design
  • Direct connection to the Indoor unit with most of the functions of the indoor unit
  • 3 options available: Stand-Alone, Modbus or LonWorks communication
  • 2 frame colours: White and aluminium

From this remote control
The lighting, card contact, motion detector, window contact and the air conditioning are controlled.
Energy saving functions included on the device
  • Turns Off air conditioning and lighting when room is unoccupied
  • Disables air conditioning when window is open
  • Maximum/minimum setpoint temperature configurable

Easy remote control
The hotel customer will have access to limited functions to control the air conditioning:  ON/OFF, Temperature (under a certain limit fixed during the start up) and Fan speed

Easy set up
Stand-Alone model with easy configuration menu to access all parameters. The installation is simplified as all the cables should arrive to the remote control. A pre-define scenario can be uploaded on the remote control connected to a computer to make installation on site plug and play (only on the Modbus and LonWorks models).
Control to integrate all room hotel needs in one device
Card switch. Heating and cooling control. Light control. Window control. Possible to connect to Modbus.

1. Indoor unit. Variable static pressure hide away
2. Room card switch*
3. Lighting control
4. Human sensor
5. Window contact*
* Field supply


Wireless remote controller

For 4 Way 90x90 Cassette
For 2 Way Cassette
For Wall Mounted and 4 Way 60x60
Cassette (with panel CZ-KPY3A)
For 1 Way Cassette
For Ceiling
Combination for all indoor units
Easy installation for the 4-way cassette type simply by replacing the corner part

24 hour timer function

Remote control by main remote controller and sub controller is possible
Max. 2 remote controllers (main remote controller and sub controller) can be installed for one indoor unit.

When CZ-RWSC2 is used, wireless control becomes possible for all indoor units
  • When a separate receiver is set up in a different room, control from that room also becomes possible.
  • Automatic operation by means of the emergency operation button is possible even when the remote controller has been lost or the batteries have been exhausted.

Operation of separate energy recovery ventilators
When commercial ventilation fans or heat-exchange ventilation fans have been installed, they can be operated with this remote control (interlocked operation with the indoor unit or independent ventilation ON/OFF).


Simplified remote controller (CZ-RE2C2), Backlight remote controller (CZ-RELC2) and Remote sensor (CZ-CSRC2)

Simplified remote controller (CZ-RE2C2)
A remote controller with simple functions and basic operation
  • Suitable for open rooms or hotels where detailed functions are not required.
  • ON/OFF, operation mode switching, temperature setting, air speed switching, air flow direction setting, alarm display, and remote controller self-diagnosis can be performed.
  • Batch group control for up to 8 indoor units.
  • Remote control by main remote controller and sub controller is possible with a simplified remote controller or a wired remote controller (up to two units).
Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 70 x 16 mm
Backlight remote controller (CZ-RELC2)
Backlight remote controller with simple and friendly operation
  • ON/OFF, operation mode switching, temperature setting, air speed switching, air flow direction setting, alarm display can be performed. LCD backlight display.
  • Built-in temperature sensor and batch group control for up to 8 indoor units.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 70 x 16 mm
Remote sensor (CZ-CSRC2)
  • This remote sensor can be connected to any indoor unit. Please use it to detect the room temperature when no remote controller sensor or body sensor is used. (connection to a system without a remote controller is possible).
  • For joint use with a remote control switch, use the remote control switch as main remote controller.
  • Batch group control for up to 8 indoor units.


Timer remote controller (CZ-RTC2)

Basic remote controller ON/OFF
  • Operation mode changeover (Cooling, Heating, Dry, Auto, Fan).
  • Temperature setting (Cooling/Dry: 18-30 deg Heating: 16-30 deg).
  • Fan speed setting H/ M/ L and Auto.
  • Air flow direction adjustment.

Time Function 24 hours real time clock
Week day indicator.

Weekly Programme Function
A maximum of 6 actions can be programmed for each day.

Outing Function
This function can prevent the room temperature from dropping or rising when the occupants are out for a long time.

Sleeping Function
This function controls the room temperature for comfortable sleeping.

Max. 8 indoor units can be controlled from one remote controller

Remote control by main remote controller and sub controller is possible
Max. 2 remote controllers (main remote controller and sub controller) can be installed for one indoor unit.

Possible to connect to the outdoor unit using PAW-MRC cable for servicing purposes

Dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 120 x 16 mm


Centralised Control Systems

NEW Centralised Control Systems
A custom web application to manage the centralized operation of A2W and GHP systems. Operation and monitoring of devices connected to the new Management System can be realized both remotely/locally from any device with connection to the internet (Laptop, Tablet, Mobile) The new system will make the interaction with air conditioning systems easier, improving the operation set as well as the global control of installations. The application will act with various units, regardless of whether they are available in the same intranet or in different locations, transparently to users at any time. In this way, our solution allows to overcome main restrictions like onsite maintenance or the lack of centralization. In addition, the application offers significant improvements in terms of control:
  • Aircon units can be grouped in a totally custom way
  • Possibility to realize group commands and batch commands (in succession)
  • Alarms and events can be controlled more efficiently and a lot more…
Features of current system  Operation Functions
  • Start & Stop
  • Temperature settings
  • Operation mode selection
  • Fan speed, Fan direction settings
  • Prohibition of use of remote controller
Operation Monitoring
  • Monitoring of operation status and alarms
  • Monitoring of filter cleaning signs
  • Display of alarm logs
Program Timers
  • Up to 50 types of weekly timer
  • Holiday and Special Days
Current installation
Main restrictions: Decentralization: need to connect to every CZ-WEB one by one to manage installation.
On-site maintenance: Access limited to local network.

* Internet
Offer reliable solution to improve existing functionalities
  • Running timer
  • Remote control through Web Cloud Application or local. Accessible anytime, anywhere, via a device with internet connection
  • Centralized Control: Manage several installations in one single interface. Ideal for multi-site organizations
  • Easy monitoring and maintenance thanks to group commands, and batch commands. Easy supervision of complex installations
  • Secure Remote Access. Powerful identity protection and convenient access control
The new solution for the centralized control of air conditioning systems offers significant benefits for the different actors involved in its management:

For the building Ownership:
  • Maximum equipment performance
  • Energy saving
  • Increased lifetime of equipment
  • Savings in maintenance costs

For Maintenance companies:
  • Instant knowledge of any incident
  • Possibility of preventive alarms
  • Reduction of systematic visits (warning and remote control)
  • More effective maintenance support

Intelligent controller (CZ-256ESMC2), Touch panel

Limitation contents for prohibited operation
Prohibition means limiting the operations possible from the remote controller. It is also possible to change the prohibition items.

Limitation contents (Limitations can be user defined)
Individual: No limits are set for the remote controller operation. However, the contents will be changed to the controller’s last settings. (Last-pressed priority.)
Prohibition 1: The remote controller cannot be used for ON/OFF. (All other operations are possible from the remote controller.)
Prohibition 2: The remote controller cannot be used for ON/OFF, operation mode change and temperature setting. (All other operations are possible from the remote controller.)
Prohibition 3: The remote controller cannot be used for operation mode change and temperature setting. (All other operations are possible from the remote controller.)
Prohibition 4: The remote controller cannot be used for operation mode change. (All other operations are possible from the remote controller.)

Note: Avoid joint use of the AMY system and the intelligent controller on the same indoor/ outdoor operation line.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 240 x 280 x 138 mm
Power supply: AC 100 to 240 V (50 Hz), 30 W (separate power supply)
I/O part: Remote in put (voltage-free contact): All ON/OFF. Remote output (voltage-free contact): All ON, All alarm (external power supply within DC 30 V, 0.5 A).
Total wiring length: 1 km for each system.
Only for embedding in the panel.
Max. 256 indoor units (4 systems x 64 units) can be controlled. In case of three or more systems, a communication adaptor CZ-CFUNC2 must be installed on the outside

Operation is possible as batch, in zone units, in tenant and in group units

ON/OFF, operation mode setting, temperature setting, fan speed setting, air flow direction setting (when used without a remote controller), and remote controller local operation prohibition (prohibition 1, 2, 3, 4)

A system without a remote controller is possible. Joint use with a remote controller or a system controller is also possible

Use of a schedule timer and holiday setting also can be done

Proportional distribution of the air conditioning energy is possible. Including csv-file export via CF-card (supplementary accessory)

Pulse signal input from electric/gas consumption meter

In case of joint use with a wireless remote control system, there are limitations for the control mode. Please use only with “Permission” and “Prohibition 1”.
A. Intelligent controller CZ-256ESMC2
B. System signal x 4
C. RS 485 (Polarity shield wire)
D. Communication adaptor CZ-CFUNC2
E. System signal x 4
Linked system No. 1
G. Linked system No. 2
H. Linked system No. 3
I. Linked system No. 4
Display sample
Max. 4 links can be connected for the indoor/outdoor operation line = Max. 64 indoor units x 4 (256 units) Max. 30 outdoor units x 4 (120 units).

Web Interface (CZ-CWEBC2) and Web Interface Device (CZ-CWEBC2)

Web Interface (CZ-CWEBC2)
  • Access and operation by Web browser.
  • Icon display.
  • Language codes available in English, French, German, Italian, Portguese, Spanish.
  • Individual control possible (max. 64 indoor units) ON/OFF operation mode, set temperature, fan speed, Flap set, timer on/off alarm code monitoring, prohibit Remote Control.
  • Zone control*.
  • All Units control.
  • Alarm Log.
  • Mail Sent Log.
  • Program Timer set 50 daily timers with 50 actions each day, 50 weekly timers 50 weekly timers, 1 holiday timer, 5 special day timers, for each tenant
  • Prohibit Remote Control settings.
  • IP ADDRESS could be changed via Internet.

Note: It is recommended to install a remote controller or a system controller on site to enable local control if it network experience a problem.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 248 x1 85 x 80 mm
Power supply: AC 100 to 240 V (50/60Hz), 17 W (separate power supply)
Easy to set to every room by recognizable icon and user-friendly remote control window
If any of the indoor units is selected, the remote control window shown will be displayed for detailed setting modifications.

Easy to manage and monitor each tenant use*
  • Each floor or tenant, otherwise each zone can be displayed and controlled.
  • All unit statuses can also be displayed on one screen.

Program Timer set
50 daily timers with 50 actions each day, 50 weekly timers, holiday timer, 5 special day timers, for each tenant.

* Web interface system not applicable for load distribution.
A. Web Interface (CZ-CWEBC2)
B. Link system
C. LAN (10/100BASE-T)
D. PC (field supply)

Maximum number of connections: 64 Indoor units, 30 Outdoor units.
Link system (Indoor/outdoor control wire): 1.
Web Interface Device (CZ-CWEBC2)
  • Access and operation by Web browser.
  • Icon display.
  • Language codes available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Individual control possible (max. 64 indoor units) ON/OFF operation mode, set temperature, fan speed, Flap set, timer on/off alarm code monitoring, prohibit Remote Control.
  • Each Tenant (Zone) control.
  • All Units control.
  • Alarm Log.
  • Mail Sent Log.
  • Program Timer set 50 daily timers with 50 actions each day, 50 weekly timers 50 weekly timers, 1 holiday timer, 5 special day timers, for each tenant.
  • Prohibit Remote Control settings.
  • IP ADDRESS could be changed via Internet.

Note: it is recommended to install a remote controller or a system controller on site to enable local control if IT network experiance a problem.

A. Web Interface Device (CZ-CWEBC2)
B. E-mail Send (alarm data)


Seri-Para I /O unit for outdoor unit (CZ-CAPDC2), Local adaptor for ON/OFF control (CZ-CAPC2) and Parallel interface 0 -10 V (CZ-CAPBC2)

Seri-Para I /O unit for outdoor unit (CZ-CAPDC2)
  • This unit can control up to 4 outdoor units.
  • From the central control device, mode changing and batch operation/batch stop are possible.
  • Required for demand control.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 80 x 290 x 260 mm
Power supply: Single phase 100/200 V (50/60 Hz), 18 W
Input: Batch operation/Batch stop (non-voltage contact/DC 24 V, pulse signal). Cooling/Heating (non-voltage contact/static signal). Demand 1/2 (non-voltage contact/static signal) (Local stop by switching).
Output: Operation output (non-voltage contact). Alarm output (non-voltage contact).
Wiring length: Indoor/Outdoor operation lines: Total length 1 km. Digital signal: 100 m or shorter.
System example
A. Central Control Device
Local adaptor for ON/OFF control (CZ-CAPC2)
  • Control and status monitoring is possible for individual indoor unit (or any external electrical device up to 250 V AC, 10 A) by contact signal.
System example
A. ON/OFF controller

For example: fan coil unit etc.
Total heat exchanger unit.
Parallel interface 0 -10 V (CZ-CAPBC2)
  • Control and status monitoring is possible for individual indoor unit (1 group).
  • In addition to operation and stop, there is a digital input function for air speed and operation mode.
  • Temperature setting and measuring of the indoor suction temperature can be performed from central monitoring.
  • The analog input for temperature setting is 0 to 10 V, or 0 to 140 Ohm.
  • Power is supplied from the CZ-T10 terminal of the indoor units.
  • Separate power supply also is possible (in case of suction temperature measuring).
System example
A. Remote station
C. Central control panel

Panasonic total air conditioning management system. P-AIMS Basic software (CZ-CSWKC2)

Up to 1024 indoor units can be controlled by one PC.

Functions of basic software
  • Standard remote control for all indoor units.
  • Many timer schedule programs can be set on the calender.
  • Detailed information display for alarms.
  • CSV file output with alarm history, operating status.
  • Automatic data backup to HDD.

With 4 upgrade packages the basic software can be upgraded to suit individual requirements.
P-AIMS is suitable for large shopping centers and universities with many areas/ buildings. 1 “P-AIMS” PC can have 4 independent systems at once.
Each system can have max. 8 C/A units, and control max. 512 units. In total, 1024 indoor units can be controlled by 1 “P-AIMS” PC.
PC Environment:
XP Professional
CPU: Pentium 2.8 GHz or over
Memory: 2 GB or over
HDD: 100 GB or over
  • Wiring length (PC~C/A) Maximum 1 km
  • Maximum 8 C/A for 1 system
  • Wiring length for each link from C/A Maximum 1 km
A. User PC
B. USB line
C. Converter (Field supply) RS485 (Polarized)
E. Building A
F. Building D
P-AIMS optional software CZ-CSWAC2 for Load distribution
Load distribution calculation for each tenant
  • Air-conditioner load distribution ratio is calculated for each unit (tenant) with used energy consumption data (m³, kWh).
  • Calculated data is stored as a CSV type file.
  • Data from the last 365 days is stored.

P-AIMS optional software CZ-CSWWC2 for Web application
Web access & control from remote station
  • Accessing P-AIMS software from remote PC.
  • You can monitor/operate ECOi 6N system by using Web browser (Internet Explorer).

P-AIMS optional software CZ-CSWGC2 for Object layout display
Whole system can be controlled visually
  • Operating status monitor is available on the layout display.
  • Object’s layout and indoor unit’s location can be checked at once.
  • Each unit can be controlled by virtual remote controller on the display.
  • Maximum 4 layout screens are shown at once.

P-AIMS optional software CZ-CSWBC2 for BACnet software interface
Connectable to BMS system
  • Can communicate with other equipment by BACnet protocol.
  • ECOi 6N system can be controlled by both BMS and P-AIMS.
  • Maximum 255 indoor units can be connected to 1 PC (that has P-AIMS basic & BACnet software)



Кондиционеры Panasonic

Преимущество кондиционеров Panasonic

  • Panasonic – более чем 65 летний опыт производства кондиционеров.
  • Panasonic – номер 1 в мире по производству компрессоров (40 %от всего объема в сегменте бытовых компрессоров кондиционеров). Panasonic произвел более чем 200 миллионов компрессоров!
  • Panasonic – входит в TOP 5 (по объему) мировых производителей кондиционеров.
  • Panasonic - прочно удерживает 1-е место на рынке кондиционеров  Японии и других стран Азии. 
  • Panasonic -  продала свыше 100 миллионов кондиционеров воздуха в Японии и других странах мира.
  • Panasonic – пионер в области кондиционеров (первый Scrool компрессор, первый кондиционер с хладогентом R410A и т.д.).
  • Panasonic – кондиционеры отвечают самым высоким требованиям экономии энергии и защиты экологии.
  • Сервис центр кондиционеров Panasonic в Латвии с 1998 года.
  • 5-летняя гарантия на все кондиционеры!!!
  • Сеть диллеров и гарантийного сервиса по всей Латвии!
  • В Латвии работает более 7000 кондиционеров Panasonic.
  • ECO i VRF - системы А класса для бюро и коммерческих объектов.



Компанию Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd (торговая марка Panasonic) в далеком  1918 году основал Konosykэ Matsushita – как выяснилось позже, истинный гений японского менеджмента. Именно он выдвинул компанию (руководил ею до  1976 года) в мировые лидеры по производству продукции высоких технологий, объединив исторические японские традиции с самыми высокими достижениями западных цивилизаций.
Сегодня Panasonic - гигантская компания,  широко известная своей современной и высокотехнологичной продукцией.

Panasonic занимает одно из ведущих мест в мире по разработке и производству воздушных кондиционеров. Достаточно сказать, что Panasonic занимает первое место в мире по производству компрессоров  (41 % от общего объема; за 30- летний период прозведено более 200 миллионов компрессоров), которые являются самым главным и самым сложным узлом любого кондиционера.


Можете ознакомиться с полной линейкой продуктов Panasonic :




История Группы Кондиционирования Panasonic










ООО "RIKON AC" - официальный распространитель кондиционеров Panasonic в Балтийских странах.


 В 1998 году в Латвии был открыт специализированный сервис-центр кондиционеров  Panasonic.Главная задача сервис-центра - обеспечение гарантийного и послегарантийного сервиса на всей территории Латвии! За 17-летний период в Латвии была создана сеть диллеров и сервис-центров.
Благодаря этоу  Panasonic может гарантировать своим клиентам высокий уровень сервиса кондиционеров Panasonic на всей территории Латвии. Фирма Rikon AС  является официальным распространителем кондиционеров Panasonic в Латвии с 1998 года. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству монтажные компании, которые заинтересованны в распространении и монтаже кондиционеров Panasonic . Конкурентоспособные цены и техническая поддержка на высшем уровне.

 Bраспоряжении клиента есть следующие приемущества:

1. Бесплатный визит специалиста на объект клиента в выбранное время (по  всей территории Латвии).
2. Бесплатная разработка проекта системы кондиционирования и смета в течение одного рабочего дня;
3. Все кондиционеры Panasonic предлагаются только с установкой (которую производят сертифицированные мастера с многолетним опытом установки и обслуживания кондиционеров Panasonic). Для исключения возможности неквалифицированной установки!
4. Все кондиционеры Panasonic обеспечиваются  5 ЛЕТНЕЙ ГАРАНТИЕЙ по всей Латвии!
5. Производится ежегодное гарантийное и послегарантийное обслуживание кондиционеров Panasonic;
6. В случае необходимости производится послегарантийный ремонт.

Благодаря такому подходу, кондиционеры Panasonic занимают одно из ведущих мест на Латвийском кондиционерном рынке. В течение двенадцати лет мы с нашими диллерами продали с установкой более 7000 кондиционеров Panasoniс. Каждому потенциальному клиенту кондиционера предлагается несколько технических решений в разных ценовых категориях, от бюджетных до эксклюзивных вариантов.
И сегодня практически все кондиционеры Panasonic в рабочем состоянии благодаря тому, что качественно установленны и  подвергаются ежегодному техническому обслуживанию.

В результате уже 12 лет в Латвии кондиционеры Panasonic продаются с 5-ти летней гарантией, так же как в осталных Европейских странах.



С удовольствием хотим представить Вам некоторых наших клиентов:

• Amaija (bērnu preču veikals)
• AL-KO Kober
• ARD Eoltas (autodetaļu vairumtirgotājs-biroja ēka)
• 636 (datorveikals+birojs)
• A komanda (mērnieku birojs)
• AJKC klīnika (Lukina acu klīnika +birojs)
• AKA 3 (biroju ēka)
• ADM Baltic tranzīts (muitas noliktava)
• Ave Lat sargs (apsardzes firmas biroja ēka)
• AKKA/LAA (Latvijas autortiesību uzraudzības aģentūras birojs)
• Asinine (biroju ēka)
• Augstceltne
• Artima (birojs un apavu veikalu tīkls)
• Augļu serviss (biroju ēka)
• Autoceļu kvalitātes izpētes labaratorija (labaratorijas un birojs)+profesionālā ventilācija
• Balt Vest (vairumtirdzniecība birojs)
• Baltic Gaisma (biroju ēka)
• Baltā Bura (biroju ēka)
• Bauskas siltums (biroja ēka)
• BBS( interneta veikals,birojs)
• Beļģijas vēstniecība (servertelpa)
• Begonija (tūrfirmas birojs)
• Belam Rīga (Telekomunikāciju firma,biroju ēka)
• Bērnu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca (neiroķirurģijas operācijas zāle)+profesionālā ventilācija
• Beng Olufsen salonveikals (Hi End audio/video salonveikals+biroja ēka)
• Biznesa drošība
• Bliks (spēļu zāles Aladins)
• BTA (Apdrošināšanas kiosks)
• Baltijas Realizācijas Centrs (Autosalons)
• Burusports (sporta ekipējuma veikali)
• Centrālā laboratorija (labaratoriju tīkls visā Rīgā )
• Cable engineering (Elektro materiālu tirgotājs,birojs)
• Centrālā reģiona ceļi (Ceļu uzturētājs,birojs)
• Centrālā reģiona ceļi (Aizkraukles ceļu rajons)
• Columbia Shipmanagement (Jūrnieku atlases aģentūra)
• Cramo (tehnikas noma,filiāles Rīgā))
• Četri balti krekli (nakts klubs)
• DSV (Skandināvu transporta firma,biroja ēka) Datagrupa Duets -96(pārtikas veikalu tīkls)
• ECCO Baltija (Ecco apavu pārstāvniecības birojs) Engures pagasta padome
• Eiroskor Latvija (apavu veikalu tīkls visā Latvijā,birojs)+ventilācija
• Ekspertu centrs
• Elektronikaserviss (sadzīves tehnikas servisa centrs-servertelpa)
• EVA (biroju ēka)
• ELBI augļu vairutirdzniecība (biroju ēka)
• Elfa Elektronika
• Elīza-K(birojs)
• Energolukss
• Eiro Trans Logistic
• Emeralda (dārglietu veikali)
• Esma (makšķernieku preces)
• Falck apsargs (apsardzes firmas biroju ēka)
• Furors (spēļu zāles Klondaika)
• Gatske Latvian Textile (tekstlrūpnīcas birojs)
• Gretabalt
• Ģimenes centrs Kanieru ielā (operācijas zāle)+ventilācija
• Gaiļezera slimnīca
• Inter info (uzziņu dienests 1188,birojs)
• Irijas vēstniecība (servertelpa)
• KL shiping (biroju telpas)
• Komercceltnieks
• Krievijas Federācijas vēstniecība
• Krievijas Iekšlietu min.migrācijas lietu depertaments
• Kuldīgas pilsētas Dome
• Jahonts (juvelierizstrādājumi ,birojs)
• Juglas nomi (servertelpas)
• Junik (interneta provaiders-servertelpa)
• LAS-1(birojs)
• Latvijas Amerikas acu centrs (operāciju zāles un kabineti)
• Latvijas autoceļu uzturētājs (birojs)
• Latvijas kuģniecība (birojs)
• Latvijas flnieris
• Latvijas Jūras administrācija
• Latvijas olimpiskā komiteja (birojs)
• Latvijas Olimpiskais centrs Grostonas ielā (birojs)
• Latvijas plastiskās rokas un mikroķirurģijas centrs (operāciju zāles)
• LPG (Latvijas propāna gāzes birojs)
• Latvijas Republikas Vides ministrija
  Latvijas Republikas Ģenerālprokuratūra
• Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs
• Latvijas Naturalizācijas pārvalde (servertelpa)
• Laimtūre (birojs)
• Latvijas Universitāte
• LR Bērnu un ģimenes lietu ministrija (biroju telpas ,servertelpa)
• Latvijas valsts ceļi (birojs)
• LDZ (serveri, stacijas, biroji), LDZ Cargo
• Liepavoti (birojs)
• Liepiņš (benzīntanku tīkls Latvijā)
• Lorta klasika (frizētavu tīkls Rīgā)
• LR Drošības Policija (servertelpas,birojs)
• LR Iekšlietu ministrija LR Valsts zemes dienests
• LR Prezidenta kanceleja (galvenā servertelpa)
• LUBMC (Latvijas universitātes biomedicīnas centrs)
• Latvijas Muita (birojs ostā)
• Latvijas Ģeoloģijas un meteoroloģijas aģentūra (servertelpas un biroji)
• Miele (ekskluzīvā sadzīves tehnika-salons un birojs)
• Mani Nami
• Mārupes metāmeistes (ražotnes, birojs)
• Magnum medical (birojs)
• Metālprofils
• Mions Pro (birojs)
• Multibanka
• Mobil Asfalt (asfalta rūpnīcas birojs)
• Mono (servertelpas)
• Nacionālais kinocentrs
• Neatliekamās palīdzības vadības centrs (birojs)
• Neste Latvija (Centrālās krātuves birojs+servertelpa)
• Nordic
• Olainfarm (birojs)
• Olaines kultūras un sporta centrs
• Orions celtniecības firma (birojs)
• Ozolciems tūre (birojs)
• Panarāma plaza (Penthause VIP dzīvoklis 400m2,26 stāvs)
• Parex bankas jaunā ēka (UPS telpa 36 kW)
• Parex banka (filiāle Sarkandaugava)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Vecmilgrāvis)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Teika)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Gulbene)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Salacgrīva)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Limbaži)
• Parex banka (Valdemāra, Kalpaka, Laimdotas, Smilšu, Brīvības ielās)
• Parex banka Smilšu 3(servertelpas,kabineti).
• Privatbanka centrālais birojs (biroja ēka+ galvenais serveris 55kW)
• Privātbanka filiāle Merķeļa ielā
• Privātbanka filiāle Vecmilgrāvī
• Privātbanka filiāle Ventspilī (birojs +servertelpa)
• Pētermāja (biroju ēka)
• Polijas vēstniecība (vēstnieka kabinets)
• Polipaks (politilēna ražotne,birojs,režotne,servertelpa)
• Pristis (apsardzes firma)
• Pharma Swiss Latvija
• Rade grua
• Radiostacija MixFM
• Radiostacija StārFM
• Radiostacija PIK
• Revers (birojs)
• RCPF (birojs)
• Rīgas Domes informāciju tehnoloģiju centrs(servertelpas)
• RRA (Rīgas vagonrūpnīca)
• Reuters Latvija (ziņu aģentūra, servertelpa)
• Rīgas gaisma (biroju telpas)
• RSEBA (mācību korpusi,auditorijas,kabineti,servertelpas)
• Siltumelektroprojekts
• Skandi motors (birojs)
• Silvanols (zāļu ražotne)
• Sociālo Tehnoloģiju Augstskola
• Stiliks (birojs)
• Talsu Vēstis
• TNT Express (birojs) Teikas Nami Terabalt (Lieājas ostas termināls)
• Unifex (servertelpas)
• Uzturlīdzekļu garantijas fonda administrācija (birojs)
• Unistock (biroju telpas)
• Valis (zobārstniecības klīnika) Valsts zemes dienests
• Velux Latvija (birojs)
• Venden (biroju ēka)
• Via Una poliklīnika (labaratorijas,kabineti)
• Viesnīca "Radi un Draugi"2;3,4,5,6,7 stāvi (FS Multi VRF),kopumā vairāk kā 80 iekšējo bloku. 
• VIA-S (moduļu mājas)
• VSAA (filiāles visā Latvijā)
• Vīlandes doktorāts
• Weight Watchers Latvia (svara vērotāji,biroja telpas)
• Wrigley Scandinavia AB pārstāvniecība (biroju telpas)
• YOTA (biroju telpas ,servertelpa)
• Zviedru nams (biroju telpas)

Vēl vairāk kā 4000 klientu (biroji, veikali, kafejnīcas un privātpersonas)


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