Panasonic kondicionieri un siltumsūkņi. Oficiālais izplatītājs un sertificēts servisa centrs Latvijā no 1998.gada ! Salons Rīgā ,Straupes ielā 3. Tālrunis +371 67310 975 RIKON    ANNO 1991

ECOi - VRF systems

ECOi 2 way and 3 way is the best option for your buildings
  • Highly efficient even at temperatures as low as -25°C
  • Most efficient solution on the market in more than 77% of combinations
  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Innovative defrosting process creates maximum comfort avoiding cold air flow in indoor units
  • Unique discharge air temperature control to avoid too low supplied air temperatures
  • Discharge air temperature control to provide maximum comfort
  • Designed for easy maintenance and quick commissioning
  • Panasonic’s New Advanced VRF Software with AutoCAD® compatibility makes design easier than ever
Lower running and life cycle costs
Panasonic ECOi 6N systems are amongst the most efficient VRF systems on the market, offering COPs in excess of 4,0 at full load conditions. The system is also designed to make sure that we reduce the running cost of each system by using our unique road map control routine to ensure that the most efficient combination of compressors are running at any one time. Improved defrost sequencing also reduces running costs by defrosting each outdoor coil in turn when conditions allow.
ECOi Series benefits
  • Ease of installation
  • Simple to design
  • Easy to control
  • Simple to commission
  • Accurate capacity control
  • Easy to position
  • Off-coil temperature control
  • Wide selection and connectability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lower running and life cycle costs

2-Pipe ECOi 6N Series

High-efficiency and large-capacity VRF system.
Large-capacity VRF systems using R410A with advanced technology. Newly designed next generation VRF!
2-Pipe ECOi 6N Series. Energy savings
The operation efficiency has been improved using highly efficient R410A refrigerant, new DC inverter compressor, new DC motor and new design of heat exchanger.
1. Standard Cop setting model / 2. High Cop setting model
Cooling / Heating
2-Pipe ECOi 6N Series. Extended operating range
Heating operation range: Extended heating operation range enables heating even when outdoor temperature as low as -25°C. Using a wired remote control, indoor heating temperature range can be set from 16°C to 30°C.
1. Cooling operation range: -10°C DB to +43°C DB. Outside air temperature (°C DB)
2. Wide temperature setting range. Outside air temperature (Upto 15 (°C WB)
Connectable indoor/outdoor unit capacity ratio up to 200%
VRF systems attain maximum indoor unit connection capacity of up to 200 % of the unit’s connection range, depending on the outdoor and indoor models selected. So for a reasonable investment, VRF systems provide an ideal air conditioning solution for locations where full cooling/heating are not always required.
A. System (HP) / B. Connectable indoor units: 130% / C. Connectable indoor units: 200%.
If more than 100% indoor units are operated with a high load, the units may not perform at the rated capacity. For the details, please consult with an authorized Panasonic dealer.
Newly designed fan. Optimized air flow and noise reduction
Newly designed fan and bell-mouth reduces stress to fan by dispersing fast wind speed. Thus, lower air resistance results in lower energy consumption.
The turbulent flow (blue part) can be suppressed and the noise can be reduced. Even though the high speed circulation is utilized, the noise level is held at the same level as normal.
Increased piping lengths and design flexibility
Adaptable to various building types and sizes. Actual piping length: 180 m. Maximum piping length: 1000 m. Maximum total length: 1000 m
1. System difference of elevation
2. Difference in elevation between indoor units
3. Actual length
* 40 m if the outdoor unit is below the indoor unit.
Easy to design solutions for schools, hotels, hospitals and other large buildings
Difference between maximum and minimum pipe runs after first branch can be a maximum of 50 m; larger pipe runs can be up to 180 m.
L1 = Longest pipe run
L2 = Shortest pipe run
L1 - L2 = Maximum 50 m
Extended compressor life by uniform compressor operation times
Total compressors run-time is monitored by a built-in microcomputer, which ensures that operation times of all compressors within the same refrigerant circuit are balanced. Compressors with histories showing shorter run times are selected first, ensuring equal wear and tear across all units and extended working life for the system. Maximum total length: 1000 m
1. A, C: DC inverter compressor
2. B, D: Constant speed compressor
3. Load increase
4. Example: Time leveling of compressor operating hours
5. Compressor In case of the above graph, compressor drives from 4 / 2 / 3 / 1 / 5
Non-stop operation during maintenance
In the event of an indoor unit malfunctioning, other indoor units can be set to continue operation even during maintenance.
1. Lights,etc.
2. Breaker
3. In operation
4. Power cut off (Under renovation)
Automatic backup operation in the case of compressor and outdoor units malfunction
Backup operation is applied during in the case of emergencies. If error message is displayed, please contact your local service office. (Except for 8 HP single unit installation).
1. Even if either Fan motor or Sensors are failed
2. Even if a compressor is failed
3. Even if a compressor at single system is failed
4. New function
5. The other outdoor unit can keep running
6. The other compressor can keep running
7. Backup operation can be done
Demand Control Kit
This function limits the maximum operating input at peak time.
The limit value setting for level 1 & 2 can be changed from 40% ~ 100% by 5% when the system is commissioned.
Power input level (vs. rated condition):
Level 1: 100% (at ship) / From 40%-100% setting can be changed (by 5% step)
Level 2: 70% (at ship) / From 40%-100% setting can be changed (by 5% step)
Level 3: 0% (Forcible thermo-OFF)
Operating image: 1. Power input / 2. Demand level / 3. Level 1 / 4. Level 2 / 5. Limit Max level / 6. Time
Demand control input signals sent to this outdoor interface will be transferred to the system via inter-unit control wiring.
Other controls (ex. Operation ON/OFF, Mode switch Cool/Heat) are also available. Demand level 1 & 2 are available.
1. Outdoor unit / 2. Inter-unit wiring terminal / 3. Input terminal / 4. Demand 1 / 5. Demand 2 / 6. Demand controller
ECOi 2-Pipe and 3-Pipe wind protection shield
PAW-WPH1: 1 long side of the outdoor unit (624 x 983 x 489)
PAW-WPH2: 1 long side of the outdoor units (853 x 983 x 489)
PAW-WPH3: 2 long sides of the outdoor units (744 x 983 x 289) (2ER SET)

Panasonic introducing the new 3 way best efficiency ECOi

ECOi Series
DC-inverter control technology for rapid and powerful cooling & heating.

The ever-evolving Panasonic ECOi 6N series
The ECOi 6N series is designed for energy savings, easy installation, and high efficiency. Always continuing to evolve, Panasonic uses advanced technologies to meet the requirements of diverse situations and contribute to the creation of comfortable living spaces.

Lower running and life cycle costs
Panasonic ECOi 6N systems are amongst the most efficient VRF systems on the market, offering COPs in excess of 4.0 at full load conditions. The system is also designed to make sure that we reduce the running cost of each system by using our unique road map control routine to ensure that the most efficient combination of compressors are running at any one time. Improved defrost sequencing also reduces running costs by defrosting each outdoor coil in turn when conditions allow. The range of outdoor unit modules consists of 7 models from 8 HP to 20 HP. The module sizes from 10 HP to 20 HP can be configured for HI-COP. Standard mode offers the highest capacity while still delivering excellent efficiency, while HI-COP mode delivers exceptional efficiency and low running costs with a slight reduction in capacity. Up to 64 indoor units can be connected up to a capacity of 200% indexed indoor unit loads, enabling the system to be used effectively on highly diversified building loads: this large connectability feature makes it an easy-to-design solution for schools, hotels, hospitals and other large buildings. Up to 1,000 m in pipe length enables the New VRF ECOi 6N series to be used in very large buildings, with maximum design flexibility.
The ECOi 6N system is also easy to control. It has more than 8 types of control from standard wired remote controls to touch screen panels or web access interfaces.
Panasonic’s policy of product development continues with the expansion of the Mini ECOi 6N, the 2-Pipe heat pump small VRF system specifically designed for the European market.
2-Pipe ECOi 6N series
The 2-Pipe ECOi 6N series is specifically designed for energy saving, easy installation and high efficiency performance as its main focus.
3-Pipe ECOi MF2 series
ECOi 3-Pipe is one of the most advanced VRF systems available. Not only offering high-efficiency and performance for simultaneous heating and cooling, its sophisticated design makes installation and maintenance much easier.
* At full load

ECOi 6N Series benefits

Ease of installation
R410A has a higher operating pressure with a lower pressure loss than previous refrigerants. This enables smaller pipe sizes to be used and allows reduced refrigerant charges.

Simple to design
Panasonic recognise that designing, selecting and preparing a professional VRF quotation can be a time consuming and costly process, especially as it is often also a speculative exercise. So we have designed proprietary software which is quick and easy to use and produces a full schematic layout of pipework and controls, as well as a full materials list and performance data.

Easy to control
A wide variety of control options are available to ensure that the ECOi 6N system provides the user with the degree of control that they desire, from simple room controllers through to state of the art BMS controls.
Simple to commission
Simple set-up procedure including automatic addressing of connected indoor units. Configuration settings can be made from an outdoor unit or via a remote controller.

Accurate capacity control
To ensure that the compressor capacity is matched to building load as accurately and efficiently as possible, Panasonic has designed its range of 2 and 3-Pipe ECOi systems to operate with DC inverter and high‑efficiency fixed speed compressors. The system selects the most efficient compressor to operate by dynamically monitoring the building load and choosing the best compressor combination to run.

Easy to position
The compact design of the ECOi 6N outdoor units means that sizes 8 HP to 12 HP fit into a standard lift and are easy to handle and position when on site. The small footprint and modular appearance of the units ensure a cohesive appearance to an installation.
Off-coil temperature control
Panasonic ducted units offer the unique advantage of being able to offer off-coil temperature control as standard. This allows designers to select units using an off coil temperature between 7 °C and 22 °C. This allows room environments to be cooled without subjecting its occupants to cold drafts or uncomfortable conditions. This is achieved without any extra controls or wiring to each unit.
Wide selection and connectability
With 11 indoor model styles available, ECOi 6N systems are the ideal choice for multiple small capacity indoor unit installations, with the ability to connect up to 40 indoor units to systems of 24 HP or greater for 3-Pipe ECOi MF2 series.

Easy to maintain
Each system allows the use of prognostic and diagnostic controls routines, from refrigerant charge control through to complex fault code diagnostics, all designed to reduce the speed of maintenance calls and unit down time.
Lower running and life cycle costs
Panasonic ECOi 6N systems are amongst the most efficient VRF systems on the market. The system is also designed to make sure that we reduce the running cost of each system by using our unique road map control routine to ensure that the most efficient combination of compressors are running at any one time. Improved defrost sequencing also reduces running costs by defrosting each outdoor coil in turn when conditions allow.

For hydronic applications.
ECOi VRF Systems connects to wide range of remote controls, centralized controls and web interfaces
A wide variety of control options to meet the requirements of different applications.
Off-coil temperature control
Panasonic ducted units offer the unique advantage of being able to offer off-coil temperature control as standard. This allows designers to select units using an off coil temperature between 7°C and 22°C. This allows room environments to be cooled without subjecting its occupants to cold drafts or uncomfortable conditions. This is achieved without any extra controls or wiring to each unit.
The Panasonic solution for chilled and hot water production for ECOi from 28 kW to 80 kW
  • A class pump included
  • 4 way valve included
  • Optimized heat exchanger
  • 1.056 x 570 x 1.010 (H x W x D)
  • Water connections R2”F


The Panasonic solution for chilled and hot water production!

· 1.056 x 570 x 1.010 (H x W x D)

From 28 kW to 80 kW
Key benefits:
  • No cascade installation up to 80 kW with GHP outdoor unit and 51,3 kW with ECOi
  • Full line-up of outdoor units which can cover up to 80 kW heat demand
  • Large choice of remote controls and interfaces
  • 3,25 COP with water at 45°C and outdoor temperature of +7°C
With ECOi outdoor units
  • Maximum hot water outlet temperature: 45°C
  • Minimum chilled water outlet temperature: 5°C
  • Outdoor temperature range in cooling mode: +5°C to +43°C
  • Outdoor temperature range in heating mode: -11°C to +15°C
ECOi Water Heat Exchanger
Electrical VRF with Water Heat Exchanger
  • With this easy to install Water Heat Exchanger unit, you can now cover projects up to 51 kW hot water demand or 44 kW on chilled application on a efficient way and cost effective.
System example: 1. Outdoor unit / 2. ECO G chiller Water Heat Exchanger / 3. Refrigerant piping / 4. Water piping / 5. Buffer tank 500l Min. / 6. Fan coil unit / 7. Floor heating / 8. Air handling unit / 9. Duct
A Buffer Tank of minimum 500l is always needed.
New Electrical panel with new algorithm
  • Optimized heat exchanger to increase drastically the efficiency
  • Liquid receiver to outperform the functionality of the WHE
  • Unique 4 way valve in order always have counterflow fluid circulation in heating and cooling fluid circulation on both sides of the cross flow. This optimizes efficiency!
1. On cooling mode / 2. Refrigerant side / 3. Water side / 4. Heat exchanger / 5. On heating mode



Panasonic Air Conditioniers

Panasonic – leading the way in Heating & Cooling

With more than 30 years of experience, selling to more than 120 countries around the world, Panasonic is unquestionably one of the leaders in the heating and cooling sector.
With a diverse network of production and R&D facilities, Panasonic delivers innovative products incorporating cutting-edge technologies that set the standard for air conditioners worldwide.
Expanding globally, Panasonic provides superior international products transcending borders.


100% Panasonic: we control the process

The company is also a world leader in innovation as it has filed more than 91,539 patents to improve its customers’ lives. Moreover, Panasonic is determined to remain at the forefront of its market. In all, the company has produced more than 200 million compressors and its products are
manufactured in 294 plants which are located all over the world. You can be assured of the extremely high quality of Panasonic’s heat pumps.This wish to excel has made Panasonic the international leader in heating and turn-key air conditioning solutions for homes, medium-sized buildings
such as offices and restaurants, and large-scale buildings. These offer maximum effectiveness, comply with the strictest environmental standards and meet the most avant-garde construction requirements of our time.At Panasonic we know what a great responsibility it is to install heating
and cooling systems. Because offering you the best solutions in heating and cooling matters

Panasonic Europe announces Sustainability Declaration

Panasonic establishes new targets for the business’ environmental performance and CSR initiatives
Best Global Green Brand 2013

We were recently awarded Interbrand’s 4th Best Global Green Brand 2013 – the highest of any consumer electronics brands. This is the result of our commitment to energy efficient products, reduction in CO2 emissions, kids school ‘eco learning’ programme and much more.
Sustainability Declaration. Berlin, Germany, 4th September 2013
Panasonic Europe announces today its new Sustainability Declaration for Europe and CIS, extending its current initiatives to ensure all business activities lead to a more sustainable society.The Sustainability Declaration unites Panasonic’s new brand direction towards ‘A Better Life, A Better World’ with a series of
environment and CSR initiatives contributing to the progress and development of society. Recognising the impact on the environment and society through its products and practices, Panasonic aims to deliver on specified targets by March 2016. The European Sustainability Declaration is in accordance with Panasonic’s Global Sustainability Policy, which has been rolled out globally in recent weeks.


History of Air Conditioniers Group




SIA"RIKON AC' ir oficiāls Panasonic kondicionieru izplatītājs Baltijas valstīs.


1998.gadā Latvijā tika atvērts specializēts Panasonic kondicionieru servisa centrs .
Servisa centra galvenais uzdevums ir garantijas un pēcgarantijas servisa nodrošināšana visā Latvijas teritorijā !
15 gadu laikā Latvijā tika izveidots dileru un servisa centru tīkls.
Pateicoties tam Panasonic var nordošināt saviem klientiem augstākā līmeņa Panasonic kondicionieru servisu visā Latvijas teritorijā.

Klienta rīcībā ir sekojošās priekšrocības:

1. Speciālista bezmaksas vizīte klienta objektā, izvēlētā laikā (visā Latvijas teritorijā).
2. Kondicioniešanas sistēmas projekta un tāmes bezmaksas izstrādāšana vienas darba dienas laikā;
3. Visi Panasonic kondicionieri tiek piedāvāti tikai kopā ar uzstādīšu (kuru veic sertificēti meistari ar daudzgadīgu
    Panasonic kondicionieru uzstādīšanas un apkalpošanas pieredzi). Lai nepieļautu nekvalitatīvas uzstādīšanas iespēju!
4. Visi Panasonic kondicionieri tiek nodrošināti ar 5 GADU GARANTIJU visā Latvijā!
5. Panasonic kondicionieriem tiek veikta ikgadējā gatantijas un pēcgarantijas apkalpošana ;
6. Nepieciešamības gadījumā tiek veikts pēcgarantijas remonts.

Pateicoties šādai pieejai, Panasonic kondicionieri ieņem vienu no vadošajām vietām Latvijas kondicionieru tirgū. Piecpacmit gadu laikā mēs kopā ar mūsu dileriem esam pārdevuši ar uzstādīšanu vairāk par 6000 Panasonic kondicionieru. Katram kondicioniera patenciālam klientam tiek piedāvāti vairāki tehniskie risinājumi dažādās cenu kategorijās, no budžeta līdz ekskluzīviem risinājumiem.
Arī šodien praktiski visi Panasonic kondicionieri ir darba kārtībā pateicoties tam, ka šie kondicionieri ir kvlitatīvi uzstādīti un šiem kondicionieriem tika veiktas ikgadējās tehniskās apkopes.

Rezultātā jau 12 gadus Latvijā Panasonic kondicionieri tiek pārdoti ar 5 gadu garantiju, tāpat kā pārējās Eiropas valstīs.


Ar prieku gribam minēt Jums dažus no mūsu klientiem:

• Amaija (bērnu preču veikals)
• AL-KO Kober
• ARD Eoltas (autodetaļu vairumtirgotājs-biroja ēka)
• 636 (datorveikals+birojs)
• A komanda (mērnieku birojs)
• AJKC klīnika (Lukina acu klīnika +birojs)
• AKA 3 (biroju ēka)
• ADM Baltic tranzīts (muitas noliktava)
• Ave Lat sargs (apsardzes firmas biroja ēka)
• AKKA/LAA (Latvijas autortiesību uzraudzības aģentūras birojs)
• Asinine (biroju ēka)
• Augstceltne
• Artima (birojs un apavu veikalu tīkls)
• Augļu serviss (biroju ēka)
• Autoceļu kvalitātes izpētes labaratorija (labaratorijas un birojs)+profesionālā ventilācija
• Balt Vest (vairumtirdzniecība birojs)
• Baltic Gaisma (biroju ēka)
• Baltā Bura (biroju ēka)
• Bauskas siltums (biroja ēka)
• BBS( interneta veikals,birojs)
• Beļģijas vēstniecība (servertelpa)
• Begonija (tūrfirmas birojs)
• Belam Rīga (Telekomunikāciju firma,biroju ēka)
• Bērnu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca (neiroķirurģijas operācijas zāle)+profesionālā ventilācija
• Beng Olufsen salonveikals (Hi End audio/video salonveikals+biroja ēka)
• Biznesa drošība
• Bliks (spēļu zāles Aladins)
• BTA (Apdrošināšanas kiosks)
• Baltijas Realizācijas Centrs (Autosalons)
• Burusports (sporta ekipējuma veikali)
• Centrālā laboratorija (labaratoriju tīkls visā Rīgā )
• Cable engineering (Elektro materiālu tirgotājs,birojs)
• Centrālā reģiona ceļi (Ceļu uzturētājs,birojs)
• Centrālā reģiona ceļi (Aizkraukles ceļu rajons)
• Columbia Shipmanagement (Jūrnieku atlases aģentūra)
• Cramo (tehnikas noma,filiāles Rīgā))
• Četri balti krekli (nakts klubs)
• DSV (Skandināvu transporta firma,biroja ēka) Datagrupa Duets -96(pārtikas veikalu tīkls)
• ECCO Baltija (Ecco apavu pārstāvniecības birojs) Engures pagasta padome
• Eiroskor Latvija (apavu veikalu tīkls visā Latvijā,birojs)+ventilācija
• Ekspertu centrs
• Elektronikaserviss (sadzīves tehnikas servisa centrs-servertelpa)
• EVA (biroju ēka)
• ELBI augļu vairutirdzniecība (biroju ēka)
• Elfa Elektronika
• Elīza-K(birojs)
• Energolukss
• Eiro Trans Logistic
• Emeralda (dārglietu veikali)
• Esma (makšķernieku preces)
• Falck apsargs (apsardzes firmas biroju ēka)
• Furors (spēļu zāles Klondaika)
• Gatske Latvian Textile (tekstlrūpnīcas birojs)
• Gretabalt
• Ģimenes centrs Kanieru ielā (operācijas zāle)+ventilācija
• Gaiļezera slimnīca
• Inter info (uzziņu dienests 1188,birojs)
• Irijas vēstniecība (servertelpa)
• KL shiping (biroju telpas)
• Komercceltnieks
• Krievijas Federācijas vēstniecība
• Krievijas Iekšlietu min.migrācijas lietu depertaments
• Kuldīgas pilsētas Dome
• Jahonts (juvelierizstrādājumi ,birojs)
• Juglas nomi (servertelpas)
• Junik (interneta provaiders-servertelpa)
• LAS-1(birojs)
• Latvijas Amerikas acu centrs (operāciju zāles un kabineti)
• Latvijas autoceļu uzturētājs (birojs)
• Latvijas kuģniecība (birojs)
• Latvijas flnieris
• Latvijas Jūras administrācija
• Latvijas olimpiskā komiteja (birojs)
• Latvijas Olimpiskais centrs Grostonas ielā (birojs)
• Latvijas plastiskās rokas un mikroķirurģijas centrs (operāciju zāles)
• LPG (Latvijas propāna gāzes birojs)
• Latvijas Republikas Vides ministrija
  Latvijas Republikas Ģenerālprokuratūra
• Latvijas Jūras medicīnas centrs
• Latvijas Naturalizācijas pārvalde (servertelpa)
• Laimtūre (birojs)
• Latvijas Universitāte
• LR Bērnu un ģimenes lietu ministrija (biroju telpas ,servertelpa)
• Latvijas valsts ceļi (birojs)
• LDZ (serveri, stacijas, biroji), LDZ Cargo
• Liepavoti (birojs)
• Liepiņš (benzīntanku tīkls Latvijā)
• Lorta klasika (frizētavu tīkls Rīgā)
• LR Drošības Policija (servertelpas,birojs)
• LR Iekšlietu ministrija LR Valsts zemes dienests
• LR Prezidenta kanceleja (galvenā servertelpa)
• LUBMC (Latvijas universitātes biomedicīnas centrs)
• Latvijas Muita (birojs ostā)
• Latvijas Ģeoloģijas un meteoroloģijas aģentūra (servertelpas un biroji)
• Miele (ekskluzīvā sadzīves tehnika-salons un birojs)
• Mani Nami
• Mārupes metāmeistes (ražotnes, birojs)
• Magnum medical (birojs)
• Metālprofils
• Mions Pro (birojs)
• Multibanka
• Mobil Asfalt (asfalta rūpnīcas birojs)
• Mono (servertelpas)
• Nacionālais kinocentrs
• Neatliekamās palīdzības vadības centrs (birojs)
• Neste Latvija (Centrālās krātuves birojs+servertelpa)
• Nordic
• Olainfarm (birojs)
• Olaines kultūras un sporta centrs
• Orions celtniecības firma (birojs)
• Ozolciems tūre (birojs)
• Panarāma plaza (Penthause VIP dzīvoklis 400m2,26 stāvs)
• Parex bankas jaunā ēka (UPS telpa 36 kW)
• Parex banka (filiāle Sarkandaugava)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Vecmilgrāvis)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Teika)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Gulbene)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Salacgrīva)+ventilācija
• Parex banka (filiāle Limbaži)
• Parex banka (Valdemāra, Kalpaka, Laimdotas, Smilšu, Brīvības ielās)
• Parex banka Smilšu 3(servertelpas,kabineti).
• Privatbanka centrālais birojs (biroja ēka+ galvenais serveris 55kW)
• Privātbanka filiāle Merķeļa ielā
• Privātbanka filiāle Vecmilgrāvī
• Privātbanka filiāle Ventspilī (birojs +servertelpa)
• Pētermāja (biroju ēka)
• Polijas vēstniecība (vēstnieka kabinets)
• Polipaks (politilēna ražotne,birojs,režotne,servertelpa)
• Pristis (apsardzes firma)
• Pharma Swiss Latvija
• Rade grua
• Radiostacija MixFM
• Radiostacija StārFM
• Radiostacija PIK
• Revers (birojs)
• RCPF (birojs)
• Rīgas Domes informāciju tehnoloģiju centrs(servertelpas)
• RRA (Rīgas vagonrūpnīca)
• Reuters Latvija (ziņu aģentūra, servertelpa)
• Rīgas gaisma (biroju telpas)
• RSEBA (mācību korpusi,auditorijas,kabineti,servertelpas)
• Siltumelektroprojekts
• Skandi motors (birojs)
• Silvanols (zāļu ražotne)
• Sociālo Tehnoloģiju Augstskola
• Stiliks (birojs)
• Talsu Vēstis
• TNT Express (birojs) Teikas Nami Terabalt (Lieājas ostas termināls)
• Unifex (servertelpas)
• Uzturlīdzekļu garantijas fonda administrācija (birojs)
• Unistock (biroju telpas)
• Valis (zobārstniecības klīnika) Valsts zemes dienests
• Velux Latvija (birojs)
• Venden (biroju ēka)
• Via Una poliklīnika (labaratorijas,kabineti)
• Viesnīca "Radi un Draugi"2;3,4,5,6,7 stāvi (FS Multi VRF),kopumā vairāk kā 80 iekšējo bloku. 
• VIA-S (moduļu mājas)
• VSAA (filiāles visā Latvijā)
• Vīlandes doktorāts
• Weight Watchers Latvia (svara vērotāji,biroja telpas)
• Wrigley Scandinavia AB pārstāvniecība (biroju telpas)
• YOTA (biroju telpas ,servertelpa)
• Zviedru nams (biroju telpas)

Vēl vairāk kā 4000 klientu (biroji, veikali, kafejnīcas un privātpersonas)


Panasonic Värmepumpar, Panasonic flagship HE9PKE , Panasonic Etherea NE9PKE , Panasonic Inverer CE9PKE


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